Revenue Loss and Gain Calculator

Revenue Loss and Gain Calculator

You may easily determine how much revenue can be generated by increasing your lead generation based on conversions achieved, but have you considered how much you are losing as you continue to increase that same number? Use the simple calculator below to see how much you may be losing as more leads are added to your pipeline.



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Monthly Leads: [item-3659_quantity]

Cost Per Lead: $[item-3684_quantity]

Need Financing: [item-3687_quantity]%

Denied: [item-3695_quantity]%

Customer Value: $[item-3699_quantity]

Based on the input above...

Your lead generation cost is roughly $[variable-2] per month and $[variable-3] annually.

However, you are currently LOSING approximately $[variable-4] per month and $[variable-5] annually due to rejected financing customers.

If you could conservatively recover 20% ($[variable-7]) or even just 5% ($[variable-6]) of your annual loss on autopilot and significantly minimize the risk of losing them to a competitor, would you like to learn how? Then register below.

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